Yue Fei - Founder of the Eagle Claw System (1103 - 1142)

A Famous General of the Song Dynasty. He fought against the Jin race and became a national hero of the Chinese history. He was born in a rural family in the Tang Yin district of the Henan province at 1103 AD. After a conspiracy of the corrupted government of emperor Gaozoung (Zha Gou) he was imprisoned and finally executed in 1142 AD.

Yue Fei was no ordinary man. From his youth he had extraordinary strength. Before even reaching puberty he could lift a 150 Kgr weight and stretch a huge bow. He was taught the art of combat and that of the bow from Master Zhoutong and at the age of thirty he was already a leader of an unbeatable army. He participated in hundreds of battles and in commanding and training of his troops he was considered to be tough but fair. He was very successful with combat tactics and was usually able to defeat enemies that outnumbered him. Because of his abilities it was said that "it is easier to move a mountain than Yue Fei's army" .

The great General Yue Fei created the "108 hands" , the so-called Yue Shi San Shou, which later was known as Ying Zhao (Eagle Claw) .


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