Liu Cheng You

He was born at Gu Zhuang Ton village of the He Bei province. Grandson of Liu Shi Jun and nephew of Liu De Quan was an exceptional Eagle Claw teacher. He studied Wushu under De Quan and Yang Jing Shan (to whom he owed his exceptional ability at leg techniques), yet his study under Liu Shi Jun began at the age of 30.

As a youngster he had a weak nature. The first years of his training under Liu De Quan were dedicated at the internal exercises. His improvement was admirable. Cheng You not only managed to become healthy and strong but also begun to perform unusual achievements : He could jump on two bricks laid peculiar to one another and at the same time bend his back backwards and touch his head at his heels. He could also withstand a 1,5 ton wagon passing over his hand without causing him any damage!

When great Master Liu Shi Jun returned to his village from Beijing Cheng You was 30 years old. Young Cheng demonstrated his Gong-Fu to the master who didn't consider his Cong-Fu as perfect. That infuriated Cheng You who challenged Liu Shi Jun to combat. The master' s answer was a hand grapple that brought Cheng to his nease like a little child. After some time he proved to be a worthy bearer of his inheritance.

He was by nature quick-tempered and he never hesitated to fight if challenged. In his way of teaching he applied the same principle as Liu Shi Jun did according to which: "students cannot he thought effectively it they don' t take strikes, and they will not progress if they do not experience full-contact" .

He will later pass down his knowledge to his third son Liu Qi Wen and his nephew Cheng Zi Zheng .



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