Guo Xian He (1939 - )

The respected teacher Guo Xian He, was born in Beijing in 1939. He belongs to the second Eagle Claw generation, after great master Cheng Zi Zheng . Son of master Guo Shu Tang , he was the youngest of five children.The teacher Xian He lost his father at the age of two, the responsibility for his upbringing and his studyof the style was left to his eldest brother Guo Xian Ya , almost 30 years of age at that time.

His introduction to the Eagle Claw style occured when he was eight years old, but it wasn't until he was ten, when, realising his true love for the style he was led to a systematic study under his brother's teaching. Xian Ya, seeing his brother's interest and capability and realising his talent, planned his teaching very carefully and passed all his knowledge down to him.

Guo Xian He was also taught wushu by You Shu Kong (Chen ZI Zheng's student) and Li Bao Yin (Liu Qi We's student and Chen's assistant, while he was teaching in South China). Teacher Xian He being close to the heart of the traditional Eagle Claw style managed to master the style as only few others of his time and era have. Knowing the importance of his knowledge and in order to make it known to the world, he wrote a book about the style, which was finally published in 1987 after many difficulties, under the title "Ying Shou quan Fa" (Eagle's Hand and it's technique) . In this book, which has been published three times so far, the style and it's basic principles are being represented.

Nowadays, Master Guo Xian He teaches Eagle Claw in Beijing, while at the same time he tries to spread the style both in China and abroad. He is also a teacher in traditional chinese medicine specialising in treatment of muscle and bone fractures.


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