Guo Xian Ya (1913 - 1964)

The teacher Guo Xian Ya was born in Baiquan of Heilongjian province and was the oldest son of Guo Shu Tang . He came in touch with the Eagle Claw style, for the first time, in 1921, when is father left the 1st high school of Heilongjian area, where he was a wushu teacher, to go back to his homeland, along with his good friend You Shu Kong, also an Eagle Claw teacher. Eight year old Guo Xian Ya formally accepted You as his teacher (it is a custom in wushu society, for a child to have another teacher - besides the father.) and started his study in Eagle Claw.

After he finished high school he travelled with his father to Beijing, where he took exams and was accepted in the course of physical education in the University of Beijing. As soon as he graduated he started teaching wushu in "Beijing Normal School.

He participated in the Northern China Championship and in the 2nd Chinese National Championship, during which, his exceptional technique in San Shou was demonstrated spreading his fame among the wushu society. In 1940, he was convinced by friends to participate in the Martial Arts Championship that took place in Japan. Since China, during that time, was under Japanese occupation, the teacher Guo Xian Ya assumed it was his duty to prove the superiority of chinese wushu to the conquerors. His passion and power during the Championships, left the organisers speechless. He received several proposes to stay in Japan to teach Eagle Claw, but he refused.

After his return, he undertook several courses in traditional chinese medicine, becoming a lecturer a few years later. As a doctor he practiced medicine in both Beijing and the chinese province.

During the Chinese - Japanese war and the new political order , the teacher Xian Ya never stopped practicing the Eagle Claw Style, not even for a day. His hands were so fast at grabbing you could actually hear the sound of his hands cutting through the air. Being open-minded he extended his love for martial arts on styles other than Eagle Claw. He taught his students "64 Hands of Ba Qua" and Qi Xingan (cudgel of seven stars) , besides Eagle Claw. He used to say that "each style has it's own beauty and advantages, but most important is what one wishes to learn and how hard he is willing to work on it" .

The teacher Guo Xian Ya passed his knowledge down to his younger brother Guo Xian He . He died in 1964, at the age of 51.


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