Panagiotis Derventis

Panagiotis Derventis was born in Athens and from an early age showed interest in athletics. At the age of 14 he was introduced to martial arts for the first time, through boxing. Later, he also became interested in tracks and fields events.

For a while he practised southern wushu style, until he met teacher Hassan Bashir. Within ten years teacher Bashir taught him Chang Quan , Shaolin Quan , Hung Gar (tiger claw), basic principles of Eagle Claw and exposed him to the magic of traditional Kung Fu.

Panagiotis Derventis has a degree in Physical Education and Sport Science from the University of Athens, with specialty in Gymnastics. He studied as a postgraduate student in the Gymnastics Academy in Beijing, during a two-year stay, from September '92 till August '94. There he learned the chinese language and practised several forms of chinese Wushu, both international and traditional. He was taught Tai Ji and Qi Gong by teachers Tian ( 85 year-old master of Tai Ji) and Zhang Guande (creator of famous Doo Yin Bao Jian Gun). While in China, he travelled to the Shaolin Monastery, to Wudan (homeland to internal style) and other places around the country in order to meet teachers and expand his knowledge in Wushu.

During that period he met the great teacher of Eagle Claw, Guo Xian He , who taught him the Eagle Claw Style. In the summer of 1996, Panagiotis Derventis returned to China to complete his study under master Guo. On the 27th of July 1997, after joining the traditional Bai Shi ceremony he became a member of the Eagle Claw family, a great honour, especially to someone not of chinese origin .

Panagiotis Derventis teaches chinese Wushu in Athens and represents master Guo in spreading the Eagle Claw style in Greece.

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